Otentic: timeless, diverse, personal.

Of the eight perfumes created by Otentic, each fragrance personifies a different mood.  

Through a variation of elegant and energetic perfume infusions, Otentic gently entices the senses: a vivid bouquet of natural, raw compounds, exuding temptation in every scent.

Combining the rational and the sensitive, Otentic moulds contrast into authentic harmony.



The Challenge

To push their vision forward and on really showcasing their true, unique identity: an exceptional blend of traditionally clashing components.

However, rather than bringing awareness to the brand, the greater challenge consisted of carving Otentic its rightful place within a market already saturated with competitors.


The Solution

Instead of forcing Otentic into a saturated market, we decided to use their inspiring take on perfume and reproduce it online.

After a series of tests  with UX and UI Design, we composed a universe that allowed digital pioneers to understand the brand, consider the product and appreciate its values:

A carefully formulated synthesis of luxury and nature, a visual rendition of the essence of Otentic: a softly colourful design highlighting the organic and the affluent, the pure and the indulgent.




The website

UX oriented, this type of website increases the market potential of brands and retailers both on- and offline, possessing the capacity of penetrating both regional and international markets. It's an essential tool for brands to ensure local and global awareness and lasting customer loyalty.