"A picture is worth a thousand words"

We took this saying and applied it to our methodology. Our use of light, colour and layout conveys the combination of opulence and purity better than excessive description ever could.

The Challenge


The challenge was to portray this fusion of luxury and authenticity, providing a feeling of privilege while maintaining Otentic's key focus:

stay natural.





Our Solution

Surrounded by wooden decor, we placed the product in a "natural" environment with soft, subtle lighting .

The imagery hints at the composition of the perfume,  infuses the photography with ambiance and highlights the value of the natural touch.






Benefits for the Website

Finally, these pictures optimised Otentic's website, making the product real, alluring and inviting.



Playing with packaging

Displaying the product alongside the sleek packaging is strategic:

 Familiarise the customers with the brand and all its' elements

Suggest the brand's multiplicity

Amplify the natural atmosphere