European Mortgage Fund - European Covered Bond Council
Website: hypo.org
A couple of years ago, the European Mortgage Federation and the European Converted Bond Council merged from two different entities that into two trade associations operating under one umbrella. They represent national banking associations, banks and other stakeholders in the mortgage and covered bond industries in the European Union. 


A strong brand is the reason to choose, trust and stay loyal to the company.

Since their synergy, EMF ECBC has had to re-evaluate and adapt their branding in order to clearly illustrate the culture and values of the company. Our mission was to help them define their new identity, not only in terms of available services but also other affective, intangible consumer concerns the federation & bond stand for.

After identifying these, we set on creating attractive and authentic content that further this identity, a set of tools that visually align actual perception with the perception we wish to inspire, and vice-versa.  


One unifying image and two variations for each EMF and for ECBC that conveys the link between the two: separate within a shared field of action.
As EMF ECBC work in close relationship with banks and other European institutions, their first goal is to inform and educate. 
We wanted - and achieved - an icon with a wide communication axis that successfully demonstrates the “confidential” look and feel of EMF ECBC, democratises their message while simultaneously targeting their specific audience.


A brand guide comprising a full set of tools, complete with all the elements that represent brand touch points: logo, business cards, folders, applying rules, marketing media, messages, etc.