Rolex Remodeled

Ceci n'est pas une Rolex.

It's certainly not a real Rolex. In fact, it's entirely make believe... This 3D representation of a well known luxury accessory could just as easily fool a consumer into thinking they are seeing a picture of something that exists - entirely without the cost of manufacturing. 

At PARADIGM, we're well versed in the world of 3D rendering, where illusion meets reality, dreams are designed to deter delusion, and where realistic objects aren't real at all. We have a persistent belief that a keen eye to our clients' perception, how they see the world, is the key to a successful collaboration.  In a sense it becomes essential to perfect standards of presentation so that far fetched future imaginations easily become present plans and productive processes.

3D rendering allows us to engage with our clients to create a vision we both agree should be manufacturing, before any material has to move.