B.N. Morris Canoe Company Reborn

What started as a project to build vintage canoes has now become a subtle resurrection of one of the oldest canoe companies/brands in the world.

When a passionate carpenter and his team explained to us their dream project; building canoes "the old fashion way", with the aiming of making them works of art. Making the future owners proud of owning the pieces, whether suspended in their living room or paddling down a nearby river.

We've fallen in love with craftsmanship, and wanted to match the perfect dudes with a brand that fits the concept. While brainstorming on the subject and juxtaposing existing options we came across a certain B.N. Morris Canoes Company. 

“The men behind the B.N. Morris Canoe Company were Bert Morris (24 June 1866-31 May 1940) and his older brother, Charles (10 February 1860-9 May 1928). Initially, canoes were built in a shop behind the Morris family home in Veazie, Maine … The evening of December 15, 1919, a fire, described in The Bangor Daily News as "... very spectacular, lighting up the country for miles around", destroyed the B.N. Morris factory complex.”.

The company and brand apparently stopped right there... Searching high and low for someone picking up this proud heritage, we found noone. 

We returned to our super heroes with a serious challenge, bring BN Morris back to life and start with a single canoe - just like Bert & Charles did. The chaps went on to plan and measure, and we went on to ensuring the trademark of the brand once again. 

Paradigm are proud to announce today that the brand has officially been approved and filed - we're making canoes... well we're starting with one. From now on our mission is focused on making sure the project progresses nicely, while providing both the brand and its new craftsmen with the best communication tools.