Behind the scenes: Gold & Wood


Hosingen, Luxembourg - website


Gold & Wood is the original luxury eyewear manufacturer.

Since the inception of the company 20 years ago, Gold & Wood have excelled in terms of creating a product that is durable in every sense of the word. Sustainable but also timeless, the combination of buffalo horn, fine wood and precious metals, Gold & Wood's eyewear emanates an aura of confidence, class and ease.

Each set of glasses is individually handcrafted to produce something authentic and unique, providing the wearer with the experience of elegantly subtle extravagance.

We helped Gold & Wood showcase the truly singular details of their meticulous work, emphasizing the devoted attention to detail that is poured into every pair of glasses. Furthermore, we helped set Gold & Wood apart from its competition by illustrating the extent of the skill and finesse they possess. It is a craftsmanship that many envy, and many have tried, yet failed, to imitate.